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Say Goodbye to Dentures!  A Set of Fixed Teeth in One Appointment.

This simple procedure can be used to replace one or more teeth using dental All On Four Teeth In A Day Poway CAimplants. This is an ideal option for patients who wear dentures or whose teeth are too far-gone beyond saving, meaning all, or multiple teeth have been extracted.  In the past, patients with full mouth extractions were left with not so desirable options, such as dentures and partials, which provide only limited chewing functions.

1.   Dentures are typically not aesthetically pleasing to some patients, plus they greatly reduce the ability to properly chew and taste food or beverages. Dentures can also take time to get used to and many patients have a difficult time adjusting to them.

2.   Another option some patients choose is a fixed bridge that is attached to dental implants. This technique is costly, involves many appointments, and longer healing time.

3.   A third option is to use dental implants, typically up to four, to allow a special set of dentures to snap to, which provides more stability of the dentures while in place. Although this option provides better results than dentures alone, patients should only expect about 50% of their chewing function to be restored.

all on 4 denture implants poway san diego ca

Now, there is an option not only more aesthetically pleasing, but also permanent, lower maintenance, and one that allows patients to have nearly 90% of their chewing function restored. This new technique, known as All-On-Four, involves just one appointment for dental surgery. This dental implant procedure begins with a CT scanning software that recreates a three-dimensional surgical guide to be used for placement of the implants. This surgical guide also creates a model for which the dental bridge will be constructed from. This least invasive technique is ideal for patients who wear dentures or whose teeth are compromised beyond repair. Not to mention, this technique provides the most aesthetically appealing option for patients. Dr. Cook works with a team of premium oral maxillo-facial surgeons, and an advanced lab with master lab technicians. With the help of this experienced team, cutting edge technology and Dr. Cook’s aesthetic eye expertise, you are guaranteed to be pleased with the results and have a smile you can be proud of that’s healthy and beautiful.

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