revive smile with composite fillings

Revive your Smile with Composite Fillings

revive smile with composite fillingsPoway and Rancho Bernardo, CA

For decades, amalgam has been used as dental filling material to repair cavities. Most popular during the twentieth century, these silver fillings are still used today in some dental practices. If you are an adult, the chances are that you have some of these silver fillings in your teeth. While these fillings typically are in back teeth only, they still could be visible when you talk, laugh or smile. Now, natural-looking composite fillings in Poway can provide you with a beautiful smile that makes you feel confident.

Cosmetic dentist in Poway Dr. Nicol Cook would like you to know how you can revive your smile with composite fillings.

What are composite fillings?

Composite fillings consist of a resin material that is molded into the prepared tooth and then becomes hardened by using a special curing light. The composite is chosen in a shade that matches your specific tooth, which makes this filling material much more aesthetically pleasing than the old amalgam material used in years past.

Benefits of Composite Fillings

Composite fillings come with significant benefits compared to their metal counterparts. For starters, these tooth-colored fillings look completely natural. This means that no one will be able to tell that you have any fillings in your teeth, and these fillings won’t result in greyish-looking teeth.

These fillings also provide a greater support to the tooth structure as opposed to metal fillings, which require more tooth removal during the preparation step. Preserving more of your natural tooth is always a good idea when placing fillings or other dental restorations.

Also, since the composite filling is bonded directly to the tooth, there is less chance of breakage, unlike with metal fillings. If you have metal fillings that are decades old, they are likely to break the tooth or fall out completely. Composite fillings are much less likely to cause this damage.

Plus, the resin material responds better to temperature changes in the mouth, unlike amalgam. Composite actually helps insulate the tooth from extreme temperatures changes, which means a lower risk of tooth fracture. Unfortunately, this cannot be said about amalgam.

Replace my silver fillings in Poway

Many insurance companies now cover a portion of composite fillings, unlike in years past. However, be sure to check with our office to see whether or not your dental insurance plan covers this procedure. Patients are responsible for any unpaid balances.