does attractive smile make you look more successful

Does an Attractive Smile make you look more Successful

does attractive smile make you look more successfulPoway and Rancho Bernardo, CA

You may have heard that a smile is the first thing that most people notice when meeting someone. But, what else could your smile portray when you meet others? A recent study conducted by Beall Research & Training of Chicago found that having an attractive smile makes people look successful and smarter, as well as more interesting and wealthier than others.

On behalf of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Anne Beall conducted this study among 528 Americans. Pictures of eight individuals were shown to the participants, and they were asked to quickly rate each photograph as to how attractive, intelligent, friendly, and interesting they appeared, as well as whether they thought the individuals in the photographs appeared to be wealthy, kind, and successful.

The photos consisted of two sets per individual. The first set of photos, Set A, captured their appearance before receiving any cosmetic dentistry. Set B of the photographs showed the individuals after receiving a new smile via a smile makeover. Half of the participants were shown Set A, and the other half viewed Set B. The eight subjects had mild to moderate changes in their smile, but no one had extensive tooth decay or missing teeth in his or her before photos. Study participants were not told they were rating the photographs based on dentistry but instead were asked to rate each photo that they saw on a scale from one (not at all) to ten (extremely).

Based on the findings of this study, nearly all Americans or 99.7% believe that a smile is an important social set, while 96% of Americans feel that an attractive smile makes someone more appealing to members of the opposite gender. Also, more than three-quarters of Americans feel that an unattractive smile can stunt someone’s career growth.

What makes an attractive smile?

When asked what the most important features of a person’s smile was, common responses were straightness, whiteness or brightness, oral hygiene or cleanliness, the sincerity of the person’s smile, and whether or not they had missing teeth.

What makes a smile unattractive?

Respondents rated these qualities: discolored or stained teeth, teeth that are missing, crooked, decaying, or that have gaps between them, or teeth that appear dirty, as aspects that make a smile unattractive.

What would you like to change about your smile?

When asked, respondents replied with wanting to have brighter, whiter teeth, although the answer to this question may vary in comparison to what you wish to change about your own smile. While some may want whiter teeth, others may desire straight teeth or to close a gap in their smile. The good news is that with cosmetic dentistry in Poway at Smiles by Dr. Cook, we can transform your smile no matter your needs!

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