veneers ticket to whiter teeth

Why Veneers may be the Ticket to Whiter Teeth

veneers ticket to whiter teethPoway and Rancho Bernardo, CA

What do most of the celebrities on TV and in movies have in common? Their smiles are full of dazzling, white teeth. The reality is that few of those celebrities were born to have a perfect-looking smile; many of them achieve that appearance through cosmetic dentistry. Brightening the shade of your teeth can make a big difference in the way your smile looks. This can be achieved through a professional whitening treatment, but there are other ways to brighten your smile in Poway. Your cosmetic dentist at Smiles by Dr. Cook also can give you brighter teeth by installing veneers made of beautiful dental porcelain.

Here are some reasons why veneers may be a better choice to whiten your teeth:

Some stains do not respond well to whitening treatments

Whitening procedures are designed to address extrinsic staining. These are stains that develop on the outer layer of your teeth from foods and beverages such as dark-colored berries, marinara, coffee, and red wine. Extrinsic stains also can form as a consequence of smoking or using chewing tobacco.

Other types of discoloration will be more resistant to whitening procedures. For example, fluorosis occurs due to exposure to an excessive amount of fluoride during a child’s development. Also, old amalgam or silver fillings may turn the entire visible surface of a tooth dark. Acidic erosion, which occurs when enamel is damaged, also can respond poorly to professional whitening procedures, as darker layers of the interior structure of the tooth become visible.

A whitening treatment only can do so much to brighten your smile

The effects of a professional whitening treatment are limited to what is allowed by your natural tooth enamel. If your natural enamel is not as white as you would like your teeth to be, you may want to seek other whitening options, such as veneers.

Veneers can brighten teeth, while also reshaping them

Made of a thin shell of beautiful dental porcelain, veneers are placed over the front of each tooth receiving treatment. An experienced cosmetic dentist in Poway like Dr. Nicol Cook can place a veneer over a single tooth or install veneers to cover all of your visible teeth. Veneers also can correct a variety of other aesthetic imperfections in teeth. These flaws include slight chips, cracks or fractures, as well as teeth that are crooked or of different sizes, teeth that are crowded, and concealing an unwanted gap between teeth. This single procedure, spanning two appointments at our Poway office, literally reshapes your smile, leaving you with beautiful-looking teeth that are straighter, perfectly shaped, and dazzlingly bright.

Cosmetic dentistry in Rancho Bernardo

If you are looking to improve the appearance of your teeth, then the team of oral health professionals at Smiles by Dr. Cook will work with you to find the best way to brighten your smile. Make sure to choose a cosmetic dentist who is working at the forefront of their field, has extensive experience and training, and uses the latest techniques and tools to achieve beautiful results. Dr. Nicol Cook meets all of these qualifications and more.

To learn more about the ways we can whiten your teeth, and help you regain your confidence, schedule an appointment by calling (858) 673-0141 or contact Smiles by Dr. Cook today. We welcome patients of Poway and Rancho Bernardo in California.