Dental Bridges

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Dental bridges are similar to dental crowns in how they are made and used, but bridges consist of three or more crowns fused together, used to bridge the gap of a missing tooth. For patients who have missing teeth, a dental bridge may be a viable option for restoring their smile, especially if your teeth surrounding the space of the missing tooth are also in need of repair. A bridge is one solid piece that appears to look like three or more separate teeth. If you have a missing tooth, with two teeth on either side of the space, the crown portion of the bridge will be placed over your teeth, while the middle portion of the bridges fills the gap with what appears to be a separate tooth. The teeth that the crown portions of the bridge are attached to are prepped in a similar manner, as they would be for a regular, single dental crown. When the procedure is complete it will appear as though you have three beautiful, natural teeth again!

For some patients a dental bridge that attaches to an implant may be an option for replacing multiple missing teeth. If you have missing teeth and dislike the idea of removable dentures or a partial, a dental bridge with an implant may be an option for you. Unlike dentures that are removable, a dental bridge is a permanent appliance in your mouth. When attaching a dental bridge to an implant, the implant is first placed into the jawbone, allowing sufficient time for the bone and soft tissue to heal while a small portion of the implant remains visible above the gum. Once the implant proves to be stable and the jawbone is healthy, the bridge is constructed and later placed as a permanent fixture in your mouth. With proper care and maintenance, a bridge can last you for years, providing you with a beautiful smile you can be proud of. The process of a bridge may take a couple of appointments in which you can visit our office located in Poway, CA.

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