why does my dental crown keep falling off

Why does my Crown keep Falling Off

Why does my Crown keep Falling OffPoway and Rancho Bernardo, CA

Anyone who has ever gotten a dental crown knows the time, money and effort put into getting this restorative treatment, which results in frustration when a crown continues to pop off of your tooth. While a quality crown should last for the long-term, there are a variety of other reasons why your crown will not stay put. It’s important to visit your if your dental crown continues falling off, both to determine the cause and to fix the problem once and for all.


One reason why your crown may continue falling off is that there is not enough tooth structure to hold it in place. It may require additional treatments to provide enough structure to successful stabilize a dental crown. If the crown is quite old, it is possible that the tooth has developed decay underneath or along the edge of the crown. In some instances, removing the cavity and making a new crown can repair the tooth. But, there is only so much that can be done to save a tooth. Otherwise, it may need to be replaced with a dental bridge or a dental implant. However, only a thorough assessment by a dentist in Poway such as Dr. can determine the best course of action.

What to do if your crown pops off

If your dental crown pops off, be sure not to try and place it back on your tooth, as it likely will come off again, increasing your risk of swallowing it. Instead, call your Poway dentist, Dr. Cook, to schedule an appointment right away, especially if your tooth feels sensitive or is painful. Try to avoid eating or chewing on the affected side as you could risk damaging your tooth, which would make your crown not fit anymore. Be sure to bring your crown with you to your appointment in case we are able to simply cement it back in place. Otherwise, we will explore other options for repairing your tooth.


One of the best ways to prevent a dental crown from popping off unexpectedly is to receive routine dental checkups and examinations. During these visits, we take X-rays so that we get a better view of what is happening between your teeth, and below the gum line. We can also check to be sure all of your dental restorations appear to be sound. If we detect an issue such as a loose crown or a cavity developing under your crown, we can address these problems right away instead of waiting until they develop into bigger problems or result in a dental emergency.

Dental Crowns in Poway

We understand that in certain circumstances, dental emergencies arise that cannot be foreseen. When these instances occur, please contact our office by calling (858) 673-0141 or contact Smiles by Dr. Cook today. We welcome patients of Poway and Rancho Bernardo, California.