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Root Canal Therapy Poway CA A root canal is typically performed on a tooth that has suffered damage to its core (the pulp), which also includes the nerve inside a tooth. Once a tooth has become compromised to which the nerve is damaged, the tooth must undergo a root canal in order to prevent from losing the tooth. The root canal procedure consists of removing the damaged nerve and pulp, cleaning out the inside of the tooth canal, then sealing the tooth and placing a dental crown on over the portion of the tooth that is visible above the gum. The dental crown helps to strengthen and support the tooth after it has undergone root canal treatment.

What is the importance of root canal therapy?

A root canal is important, because when the nerve of a tooth is damaged it can often times lead to swelling of the face, neck, or head and can lead to bone loss around the tooth’s root. Anytime time an infection is present within the body, the most important step is to remove the infection. Any swelling of the face, neck, or head can potentially be dangerous and lead to further complications. A damaged nerve in the tooth can also lead to tooth loss.

How can I tell if I need a root canal?

If you have an infection or abscess that has appeared on your gums, suffer a severe toothache or prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold substances, have a tooth that is discolored, experience any swelling or tenderness o the gums, or have ear or jaw pain, you should consult a dentist for an evaluation. It’s possible these symptoms are a sign of a damaged nerve in a tooth.

We use up-to-date technology in providing root canal therapy. The instruments and materials we use for root canals will ensure proper care of your compromised tooth.  You can also be assured you will be advised of how the procedure will take place, any post-op care to make note of, and any potential follow-up appointments that may be necessary

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