Full Mouth Reconstructions

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Full mouth restorations typically include more than one type of treatment, depending on your needs. It can also be an ideal option for patients who need dental work completed for the majority of their teeth or if they have no teeth at all and are seeking alternatives to regular dentures. Patients sometimes suffer from multiple issues with their teeth at once and could greatly benefit from a full mouth reconstruction. For patients who have severely broken teeth, widespread pain, or multiple extractions, full mouth reconstruction may be an option. Although the outcome is always the same for full mouth reconstruction, which is to create a beautiful, confident smile, each patient will have their own individualized treatment plan which also outlines the cost of all procedures.  (See the bottom of this page for some of Dr. Cook’s patients.)

Full mouth reconstruction is also an option for patients who are denture wearers. For decades, when a patient was subjected to having to lose all their teeth, the only option was dentures. We have discovered patients who wear dentures aren’t always satisfied with the look and feel of their new teeth. Unfortunately, no matter how comfortable dentures may seem to some patients, they never really allow you to restore your chewing capabilities to what it was like when you had your natural teeth. It’s not uncommon for most denture wearers to function on about 10-20 percent of their chewing capabilities. Luckily, with advanced technologies, we can now use cosmetic dentistry in combination with general dentistry practices to provide you with a beautiful smile, without dentures.

A common procedure for full mouth reconstruction is use of dental implants. We can even complete this procedure all in one day. The process begins with using a CT scanning device that is able to recreate a three-dimensional surgical site of your mouth. This way, we can determine the best placement for your dental implants. The software also helps us to create the fixed bridge that will be permanently placed on the implants. Once the proper site is determined for implants, we can insert the implants into the bone. The fixed bridge will then be permanently attached to the implants. Although the fixed bridge will be in one piece for all your top teeth, then a separate fixed bridge will be created for your bottom teeth, the bridge will look, feel, and function like your natural teeth. A major benefit to this type of procedure is there is no bone or sinus grafting involved, no incisions or need for sutures, and there is no healing time. Plus, with this procedure you never have to worry about removing your teeth to clean them, like you would with dentures. Aside from aesthetics, an even more important aspect of this procedure is that you should gain back nearly 90 percent of your chewing capabilities. You literally can walk out of the office after one visit and have your beautiful smile restored.

If you aren’t sure whether or not you are a candidate for full mouth reconstruction, we would love to complete a consultation with you and determine a treatment plan. It may be that we can accomplish the smile of your dreams with one or two simple procedures. On the other hand, we may need to consider a full mouth reconstruction to provide you with that beautiful smile. Whatever your needs may be, we can help with our expertise and the use of advanced technologies in cosmetic dentistry. We never want cost to be what stands between you and the smile you always wanted, which is why we also offer financing options for those who may need it.

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