Advice on choosing a new Dentist in Poway

Poway and Rancho Bernardo, CA

Did you know that less than half of all Americans see the dentist every six months as recommended? Whether you have avoided the dentist out of financial concerns, because you think you are too busy, or other factors, now is a great time to resume a regular schedule of dental care. Visiting the dentist twice per year helps your smile looking and feeling great while also encouraging an optimal level of oral health.

If it has been a while since you have been to the dentist, you may be looking for a new practice to serve your needs. Dr. Nicol Cook and her team of oral health professionals at Smiles by Dr. Cook compiled these factors you should consider when looking for a dentist in Poway.

Is sedation offered?

Sedation dentistry is the solution for the millions of Americans who suffer from anxiety or fear over the thought of going to the dentist. For a patient who suffers from dental anxiety or dental phobia, sedation calms those fears and diminishes your awareness of your surroundings—although you retain your ability to converse with others and remain awake. Smiles by Dr. Cook offers three forms of sedation, including the use of nitrous oxide. If you suffer from dental anxiety or have another pre-existing condition that makes it difficult to receive dental care, Dr. Cook will evaluate your candidacy for sedation dentistry during your initial consultation.

Does the dentist practice cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry has been a part of the field of dentistry for decades, but it has become increasingly popular in recent years, while technological advances have made it more convenient and comfortable than ever before to undergo cosmetic dental work. Many patients who have cosmetic procedures performed report that their teeth function at a higher level, in addition to looking better. The range of cosmetic dentistry services offered at Smiles by Dr. Cook includes crowns, veneers, dental bridges, dental implants, composite fillings, dental bonding, and teeth whitening. We offer metal-free crowns and bridges that are made of dental porcelain that are safe, and aesthetically pleasing as they blend in with your other teeth.

Can the dentist treat TMJ disorder?

Can you identify your temporomandibular joint? This small, round joint connects the jaw to the skull, and if a problem develops with it, it can have a major impact on your quality of life. The symptoms of TMJ disorder vary greatly from person to person, but one of the most commonly reported consequences is pain, usually so severe that it hinders the patient’s ability to function on a daily basis.

Dr. Nicol Cook and her team are trained in the discipline of physiologic neuromuscular dentistry, an advanced specialization of dental science that focuses on detecting or restoring the physiologic rest position and alignment of your bite and jaw. Although correctly identifying a case of TMJ disorder is one of the greatest diagnostic challenges in all of medicine, a physiologic neuromuscular dentist in Poway is the best-qualified medical professional to make a correct diagnosis.

Dr. Cook also uses some of the latest technological advances to diagnose cases of TMJ disorder: The T-scan, a digital bite analysis. And the BioPak evaluation system, a computerized bite/muscles/TMJ analysis which combines computerized jaw tracking and electromyography,  to determine the ideal positioning for your bite so that tension can be alleviated on the temporomandibular joint.

Are dental implants available?

The vast majority of Americans will lose at least one permanent tooth at some point during their lives. Are you one of them? If so, then consider restoring your smile and your confidence with a dental implant—the finest tooth replacement option that currently is available in restorative dentistry. An implant looks and feels just like a natural tooth thanks to the implant screw, which is inserted surgically into the jawbone. Dental implants, when well-maintained, also should last the rest of your life—and cleaning them is as easy as brushing and flossing your other natural teeth.

Can the dentist treat sleep apnea?

Obstructive sleep apnea is a serious sleep breathing disorder that can leave you feeling fatigued during the day. Left untreated, sleep apnea also can raise your risk of several chronic, systemic, and life-threatening ailments including cognitive decline, stroke, heart disease, depression, and even certain forms of cancer. A sleep apnea dentist treats this disorder by addressing the root issue—the obstruction in the airway that is causing the problem. Dr. Nicol Cook has the specific training to diagnose and treat sleep apnea, giving patients the chance at the restful sleep they need.

Comprehensive dental care in Poway

If you are looking for a dentist, you can rest easy that Smiles by Dr. Cook can meet your oral health needs. To schedule an appointment, please call (858) 673-0141 or contact Smiles by Dr. Cook today. We welcome patients of Poway and Rancho Bernardo, California.