is prosecco bad for your teeth

Prosecco, is it Really that bad for your Teeth

Prosecco, is it Really that bad for your TeethPoway and Rancho Bernardo, CA

Prosecco seems to be all the crazy in the world of wine. You probably have heard of the potential dangers to your teeth when it comes to consuming Prosecco. The truth is that wine, in general, is really not all that great for our teeth, it’s not just Prosecco. Many of us enjoy a glass or two of wine occasionally, which is why your has some great tips to help you protect your oral health.

How Prosecco can damage your smile

Bottom line, Prosecco is acidic and loaded with sugars. It is normal for white wines especially, to be rather acidic, which is measured by using pH. The pH scale ranges from 1 to 14, with 7 being neutral. Below 7 becomes acidic, with 1 being the highest amount of acid, and the upper end of the scale towards 14 is less acidic. It is a scientific fact that tooth enamel is subject to dissolving at pH 5.5, so technically anything lower than that could be damaging to your teeth. For instance, Prosecco has a pH of 3.25, which is about the same as sodas.

The sugar content of Prosecco makes it quite enjoyable and tasty to many palates and equates to about one teaspoon of sugar per glass. Since the sweetness of Prosecco makes it easier to drink, you are more likely to consume more of it, which means you are continually coating your teeth with this acidic beverage.

Other wines aren’t off the hook

You may have read this and figured you would just switch to a different wine. But, that won’t save your teeth either! Prosecco has gotten a bad rap recently, but it is certainly not the worst wine for your teeth. In fact, some Riesling or white wines have a pH as low as 3.0 or less, which is nearly 600 times the acidity required to dissolve dental enamel! So, even switching to a different type of white wine may not be the answer.

What about red wines?

Well, red wines aren’t in the clear, either. Red wines tend to be less acidic with the average Pinot Noir ranking in at a pH of about 3.8. Although red wine may not be as damaging to your teeth, as far as dissolving dental enamel, it certainly can cause your teeth to stain and become dingy. The good news is that professional teeth whitening in Poway can help reverse these effects.

Enjoy wine, save your teeth

We certainly are not encouraging you to give up wine, but you can practice these tips to protect your teeth.

Share your Prosecco with a friend, instead of downing the whole bottle. That’s always a good rule of thumb with any alcohol.

Sip water with your wine, and be sure to rinse out your mouth when you are finished consuming your last glass. Better yet, brush your teeth if you can.

Pair your wine with cheese. Not only does it taste delicious, but cheese helps neutralize the pH in your mouth, combating the acidity of the wine.

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