How you can Avoid Dental Problems while out of Town

avoid dental problems while out of townPoway and Rancho Bernardo, CA

Dental emergencies don’t happen when they are convenient. If they did, well, they wouldn’t be called emergencies. Summer vacation may be all but a memory at this point, but the holidays are approaching quickly. School breaks, taking trips to see games or concerts, or hitting the road to visit family during the holidays all can take you away from home during the fall and winter months. Whatever your reason for traveling, a dental emergency can ruin your trip. Dr. Nicol Cook wants you to be prepared, so here are ways to prevent a dental emergency, and what to do if you have a dental mishap while out of town.

Get a checkup before you leave

Planning to be out of town for a while? Maybe your trip is taking place during the holidays when most dentists won’t be open for business. In either case, scheduling a routine dental visit prior to your departure can be a great idea. At Smiles by Dr. Cook, these checkups include a cleaning that removes all the cavity-causing plaque and tartar from your teeth. We also can take X-rays to identify any potential issues that have yet to start manifesting symptoms, such as areas of decay, or problems around existing restorations such as fillings or crowns.

Be good to your teeth, and they’ll be good to you

Accidents happen, but in general, if you’re diligent about your dental hygiene, you face a lower risk of experiencing a dental emergency. Regular brushing and flossing help to defend you against the threats of tooth decay and gum disease, which, if not treated, can lead to a toothache or other dental problems when you least expect it. A good regimen of oral hygiene, combined with a healthy diet that limits sugary or acidic foods and drinks, will help to protect the vital outer layer of your tooth structure—the enamel. That said, even the most diligent brusher still could have a mishap that breaks a tooth.

How do you know if you need an emergency dentist?

Unfortunately, there are times where an accident happens, and you need to see a dentist right away, even if you are out of town. These situations include if you have a tooth knocked out, or if you are experiencing severe pain—a sign of a possible abscessed tooth, which could lead to a life-threatening infection. Toothaches or tooth damage may be able to be managed by taking over-the-counter pain medicine until you can get home to see your regular dentist. But, avoid masking any pain for too long. You should see the dentist as soon as possible if you experience severe dental pain or swelling of the face.

Dentist in Poway

Avoid worrying about a dental mishap while traveling by having a dental checkup before you go. To schedule an appointment or if you need emergency dental services, please call (858) 673-0141 or contact Smiles by Dr. Cook today. We welcome patients of Poway and Rancho Bernardo, California.

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