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The holiday season is a fun, busy and often stressful time full of family get-togethers that often revolve around food. Unfortunately, some of those items that are mainstays at holiday feasts can pose hazards to your dental health. Your Poway dentist at Smiles by Dr. Cook wants to educate you on which foods could threaten your oral health, especially if you aren’t taking good care of your teeth by brushing twice a day and flossing daily.

Stuffing: This may surprise you, but bread is bad for your teeth. Whenever you eat any type of bread, it tends to stick to your teeth where it may stay until you brush and floss. This starchy food is broken down into sugars, which serve as a food source for the bacteria in your mouth that can lead to the development of cavities. If you want to avoid this risk, consider offering another savory side dish that will fit the tastes of your guests. Quinoa, for example, is considered a superfood. Not only does this grain contain twice the protein of rice, but it also is packed with minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphate, and manganese that can fortify your teeth.

Cranberry sauce: Cranberries have been a staple on holiday dinner tables for years because of their sweet, tart flavor that pairs well with turkey, which makes them irresistible around this time of year. Just remember, however, that cranberry sauce and relish typically contain a lot of sugar, something that you don’t want lingering on your teeth!

Candy canes: Candy canes are a traditional holiday favorite, both as a sweet treat and as a decoration for Christmas trees. However, these holiday staples are terrible for your oral health, for three reasons: candy canes are full of sugar, they are sticky so those sugars are more likely to adhere to the surfaces of your teeth, and they are hard and may chip a tooth or damage dental work. A nice alternative to candy canes can be sugar-free peppermint gum, which lacks the sugars that can lead to tooth decay and stimulates the production of saliva, but still provides that fresh breath you are after.

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