gums dont lie

Your Gums Don’t Lie

Your Gums Don’t LiePoway and San Diego, CA

It is a few days before your next dental checkup and cleaning, and what do you do? Like many patients, you are probably vigorously brushing your teeth and flossing like a boss in efforts of getting your mouth in tip top shape for the dentist. We hate to break it to you, but although your efforts won’t hurt, they certainly will not dramatically alter the state of your oral health over night.

Believe it or not but we can tell if you consistently take good care of your teeth. Flossing just days before your appointment will not cover-up the fact that you usually never floss or don’t brush often enough. Here’s the cold hard truth – your gums don’t lie.

That’s right; we can tell just from the state of your gums whether you practice good oral hygiene consistently or not. Red, puffy, bleeding gums are sign of gingivitis, the first stages of gum disease. It affects more than two-thirds of adults in America. Usually, the dental hygienist can easily determine if a patient has gum disease simply by looking at their mouth. The hygienist will also probe your gums to determine if any periodontal pockets are forming around your teeth, also a sign of gum disease. If your gums tend to bleed excessively, you may have gingivitis or advanced stages of gum disease.

There are some systemic diseases associated with poor oral health such as heart disease, diabetes, and more. We can tell a lot by examining the state of oral health.

The dentist may also ask you questions regarding your oral health to get a better feel for what is going on with your mouth. It is important that you speak truthfully when answering these questions. Otherwise, you may not receive the most effective treatment for your oral health.

If it is discovered that you have gum disease, the dentist will recommend specific treatment that meets your dental needs. It is also important that you do your part by practicing good oral hygiene habits all of the time, not just right before your dental appointment.

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