Periodontal Disease and Treatment

Poway and Rancho Bernardo, CA

Periodontal Disease Therapy In Poway CAPeriodontal disease can cause problems throughout your body. It can cause you to feel chronic pain, lose teeth or even damage your jawbone. Bacteria can move into your arteries and become instrumental in the development of deadly heart disease. Dr. Nicol Cook, is an expert in periodontal therapy using state-of-the-art technology in Poway, California can help save you from this fate, often without surgery.

Preventative Care Helps Prevent Dangerous Gum Disease

You can help prevent dangerous gum disease simply by brushing and flossing regularly. Over time, plaque builds up on your teeth and under your gums. Regular brushing and flossing, if done correctly can help remove plaque before it calcifies into tartar and becomes a much more serious problem. Tartar can only be effectively removed by a professional teeth cleaning. While your home hygiene regime of brushing and flossing is essential to the health of your teeth and gums, regularly scheduled professional cleanings can help detect problems, remove tartar and assure better health.

Gum Health and Professional Scaling and Planing

Throughout the course of your life, dangerous bacteria attack your gums and teeth each time you eat or drink something. Some of this bacteria reaches under your gum line, allowing pockets to develop and causing dangerous plaque and tartar buildup. Unfortunately, you will probably not be able to remove those on your own. A professional scaling removes plaque and tartar from your teeth under the gum line. Planing is the process of smoothing the roots to remove these buildups. Having these procedures done regularly can help keep your gums and roots free from disease.

Modern Laser Technology Simplifies Your Periodontal Health

In Poway, California, the experienced Periodontist Dr. Nicol Cook is using high-tech laser therapy. Many patients can be treated with 21st Century technology that eliminates the need for painful and sometimes frightening surgery. When you keep your regularly scheduled appointments, Dr. Cook can simply use a soft-tissue laser, or highly directed beam of light to kill bacteria, remove diseased soft tissue and repair damaged teeth.

This advanced laser technology vaporizes diseased tissues and kills bacteria, instantly stopping the spread of damage and keeping your smile happy. While eliminating the painful procedures in old techniques, this new technology seals wounds instantly. Dr. Cook is able to reduce or eliminate residual bleeding and the need for stitches after your procedure. Laser technology minimizes gum trauma. This reduces swelling and pain, making your recovery much shorter.

Periodontal health care is essential. Modern technology available in Poway, California has made expert care faster and easier and starting your personal relationship with Dr. Nicol Cook now can eliminate future problems. Contact Dr. Cook today to schedule an initial appointment for your introduction to modern periodontics.

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