Questions about All on Four or Teeth In A Day

Poway and Rancho Bernardo, CA

Who are the best candidates?

Ideal candidates for Teeth in a day are either patients who are about to have their teeth extracted or patients who are already wearing dentures.

What if I’ve been told before that I am not a good candidate for fixed bridges or implants due to significant bone loss, does this mean I am a candidate for the All on Four implant procedure?

Typically, eight out of 10 patients who have previously been advised they are not ideal candidates for a traditional dental implant are actually most ideal for the All on Four procedure. The reason is, the All on Four procedure utilizes jaw bone in the front and does not typically result in need for any bone grafting or sinus surgery.

How is the All on Four procedure different than regular dental implants?

The upper jaw-bone is more dense and with the All on Four procedure we are able to place the implant at an angle, instead of straight in the bone, which is why with this procedure you will not have to deal with sinus surgery or bone grafting. Using the frontal jaw-bone allows for a less invasive procedure by use of longer implants, since there is no penetration of the sinus cavity.

What is the approximate length of the surgery?

Typically, the surgery lasts about 2.5 hours per arch. The fixed temporary bridges are placed the same day, during the implant surgery appointment. You will be able to see your new smile in one visit.

How much pain should I expect?

Most patients little discomfort since this is a minimally invasive procedure. In general, over the counter anti-inflammatory medications are enough to keep any discomfort under control.

What is the cost of All on Four teeth?

Cost will vary for each patient, depending on the exact treatment plan. Typically, All on Four teeth costs about half as much as conventional methods, plus your can have your smile back in one day!

How do I begin the process?

Don’t delay, call us today for a consultation we will be happy to set up an appointment to discuss your treatment plan and costs of All on Four procedure. You can be on your way to a confident smile today! Call (858) 673-0141 or click!

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