CPAP Users, can you go the Distance or do you need an Alternative?

CPAP Users, can you go the Distance or do you need an Alternative?Poway and Rancho Bernardo, CA

A CPAP (continuous positive airflow pressure) machine has long since been the go-to treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a common sleep disorder. Although a CPAP machine can often provide relief from , patients find that their machine becomes too bothersome to use, leaving one’s sleep apnea untreated. The problem is that, if left untreated, OSA can increase one’s risk of a heart attack, stroke, or diabetes.

OSA is when the airway becomes temporarily blocked or restricted while asleep. It’s caused by mechanical obstruction of the airway due to relaxation of the muscles. OSA often results in loud snoring, gasping for air, daytime fatigue, and dry mouth, among many other symptoms. This means that untreated sleep apnea can be detrimental to your health as your body starves for enough air.

Here is why your CPAP machine may not be the most effective, long-term treatment for your .

The way a CPAP machine works is by forcing an appropriate amount of air into your airway by way of a mask that is hooked up to a noisy machine. The problem with a CPAP machine is that users are often noncompliant in using their CPAP as a long-term solution for their sleep apnea. Users complain that their CPAP mask is cumbersome, bulky, and uncomfortable or loose fitting, the machine is too noisy, and the machine does not travel well. While it could be that many CPAP users simply need an evaluation to determine whether or not they have a properly fitting mask, that does not solve the other issues associated with using a CPAP machine, such as the noise level that often affects their partner’s sleep.

At Smiles by Dr. Cook, we offer an alternative to using a CPAP machine. Why should patients sign up for a CPAP machine only to discontinue using it within a few months? You still have not solved your sleep apnea problem.

Dr. Cook’s patients who suffer from sleep apnea have experienced relief from their symptoms by wearing a custom-made oral appliance. This custom-made device is specially made to fit your mouth and provides you with long-term results that you can easily manage. A sleep apnea oral appliance is comfortable to wear, and will not disrupt your partner’s sleep. Also, patients often appreciate how easy it is to travel for overnight stays and take their oral appliance with them.

The oral appliance works by properly positioning your lower jaw slightly forward while you sleep. In turn, this proper positioning means your airway is open, resulting in better breathing during sleep. No more noisy, cumbersome CPAP machines!

Sleep Apnea Treatment in Poway

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