Treating Sleep Apnea Without CPAP!

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What Causes Sleep Apnea?

Various factors can contribute to sleep apnea. Being overweight can be a direct cause of sleep apnea. Sometimes, simply our anatomy causes sleep apnea, for instance, the size of one’s neck, tongue, or tonsils, may be contributing to one’s sleep apnea. Sometimes sleep apnea is directly related to one’s age. Regardless, Mallampattialmost anyone at any age, even children, can be at risk for developing sleep apnea. Most of the cases are caused by relaxation of the jaw and tongue muscles causing a mechanical obstruction of the airway and cessation of breath during sleep. Rest assured in knowing sleep apnea can be treated with a device that is convenient, painless, and noninvasive. Many people are familiar with a CPAP machine that treats sleep apnea. However, a CPAP machine can be cumbersome, noisy, and inconvenient when you travel overnight. CPAP machines are also known to cause other side effects such as dry mouth and throat, skin irritation, and can simply be embarrassing.

How Is Sleep Apnea Diagnosed?

Sleep apnea is typically diagnosed by undergoing a diagnostic sleep study, conducted by a certified sleep apnea specialist. Your sleeping pattern will be recorded then reviewed to determine if you suffer sleep apnea and if so, the home sleep studyseverity of your condition. From there, a treatment plan can be determined to help get you on your way to peaceful sleep.

With an oral examination Dr. Cook can check the size of the tongue and arches, and evaluate the opening of your throat to determine if you are at high risk for sleep apnea.

If you snore and have a narrow throat opening, you might be at high risk for sleep apnea. With a home sleep study Dr. Cook can do the initial screening for sleep apnea. This screening is done using a home portable monitor and you’ll wear it while you sleep, in the comfort of your own home and your own bed.

Dr. Cook uses the most advanced imaging technology to evaluate the airway, jaws, TMJ joints, sinuses and nasal turbinates.

With today’s advancement in neuromuscular dentistry, we offer custom-fit computer-milled devices to help reposition your jaw while your sleep, instead of having to deal with a noisy, cumbersome machine. Our method of treating sleep apnea is not only modern, but a convenient solution to your sleep apnea. The sleep appliance will properly position the jaw and the base of the tongue, allow for adequate airflow, support and maintain an open airway during your sleep which in turn diminishes your sleep apnea. You will be on your way to a restful nights’ sleep and should see a decrease in your other sleep apnea symptoms. Our custom fit devices not only make traveling easier, but will ensure your partner’s sleep is not interrupted by your sleep apnea.

CBCT Airway Evaluations
Measurements of the airway volume in the throat using CBCT Scans
(Cone Beam Computerized Tomography) are used to design the
Jaw repositioning sleep appliance.

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