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In cosmetic dentistry, tooth whitening procedures have become a popular procedure to improve the appearance of a smile. Tooth whitening is a high-quality procedure that provides consistent results within one to two visits to the dentist office, depending on the current state of your teeth. With today’s technology in tooth whitening, even the toughest stains can be removed, leaving you with bright, white teeth you desire.

Zoom Whitening is a relatively new advancement in dentistry that provides the most effective results, especially for intrinsic stains. There are two types of stained teeth, intrinsic, which are stains from within the teeth and extrinsic, stains on the outside surface of the teeth.

For years, traditional teeth whitening methods were only effective for extrinsic stains, typically caused by the foods and beverages we consume. Decades ago, many physicians treated childhood illnesses with tetracycline, which is the primary cause of intrinsic stains in teeth. Intrinsic stains were once thought of as a permanent stain, leaving teeth a grayish color. No amount of traditional bleaching would whiten teeth with intrinsic stains. Now, Zoom Whitening can lighten your teeth up to 16 shades lighter, although individual results may vary, without the use of bleaching lights and lasers. Plus, Zoom Whitening provides consistent results with little to no tooth sensitivity.

Benefits of Zoom Whitening

Benefits of Zoom Whitening are that it’s currently the only tooth bleaching proven to whiten teeth stained by tetracycline. Most patients experience little to no sensitivity following Zoom Whitening procedure. This procedure provides long-lasting results, is comfortable and safe for your gums and teeth. The results of Zoom Whitening are a natural appearing smile with radiant white teeth that you will love. Zoom Whitening is also perfect and safe for anyone ages 14-90.

Once you receive Zoom Whitening treatment, periodic at-home maintenance will help keep your teeth white, especially if you continue consuming beverages and foods that typically cause teeth to stain, such as red wine, coffee, and tea. It’s also important you continue practicing good dental hygiene at home and follow through with regular dental checkups for dental cleanings to ensure long lasting results of your treatment.

What makes Zoom Whitening more effective than over the counter whitening products?

It seems that in today’s society bright, white teeth are expected, which is why the market has become saturated with various types of over the counter whitening products. Although some of these products may produce a limited, short-term whitening effect, none of them can provide you with the quality results that Zoom Whitening provides. One major difference between the over the counter whitening products and Zoom Whitening is that over the counter products are made with gels that are less concentrated, which in turn provide limited and inconsistent results. Many patients have reported experiencing more sensitivity and tooth pain when using over the counter whitening products, as opposed to Zoom Whitening.

How much does tooth whitening procedures cost?

Tooth whitening procedures are an affordable treatment in cosmetic dentistry, plus the procedures are relatively quick. If you’re looking for an affordable, quick way to improve your smile, Zoom Whitening tooth whitening is ideal for you.

How long should I expect my tooth whitening results to last?

Many factors can affect your long-term results. However, it’s important you continue engaging in good oral hygiene at home, including brushing and flossing regularly, and ensure you follow through with regular dental checkups and cleanings. It’s also ideal to limit your consumption of foods and beverages that lead to staining, which help prolong the results. Last, we recommend you do an at-home, once a month touch-up procedure using a bleaching tray we will custom make for you to use.

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