5 things your Poway Dentist wants you to know

what your poway dentist wants you to knowPoway and Rancho Bernardo, CA

At Smiles by Dr. Cook, we want to help our patients achieve and maintain good oral health for life. Dr. Nicol Cook has received extensive training, paired with her years of experience and expertise to provide patients with elite dental care in Poway and the surrounding areas.

Today, Dr. Cook wants to share with you five important things you should know about taking care of your teeth.

  1. Professional dental cleanings are essential to your oral health. Many patients agree that taking good care of their oral health at home by brushing and flossing daily is important. However, an increasing amount of individuals simply don’t buy into the importance of dental cleanings. No matter how well you brush and floss each day, your teeth still accumulate some amount of tartar and plaque buildup – it’s natural and unavoidable, which is why professional dental cleanings every six months is a necessity to maintaining good oral health. Only your dental hygienist can remove that hard, stuck on plaque buildup and do so correctly, without causing any harm or injury to your teeth or gums.
  2. Pain means something, don’t ignore it. Discomfort that comes and goes may not seem like a huge deal, especially if you can deal with it or get it to subside with over-the-counter pain medications. But, healthy teeth shouldn’t hurt. If you experience even slight tooth sensitivity get it checked by Dr. Cook. Tooth pain could be anything ranging from needing to switch toothpastes or something as serious as gum disease or an infected tooth, both of which are active infections that cause inflammation and strain on your body. If you had an infection anywhere else in your body, the chances are that you wouldn’t ignore it, so don’t treat your mouth any different. Tooth pain of any degree should be checked, even if it seems to come and go.
  3. Remember to take care of your gums, too. When people think about dental care or oral hygiene, teeth are often what come to mind first. But, remember to take care of your gums, too. Your gums play a crucial role in your oral health. They essentially act as a barrier to protect naturally occurring oral bacteria from entering your bloodstream and reaching vital organs in your body. This is why patients with gum disease should seek professional dental treatment. Neglecting your gums could increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, according to studies.
  4. If you can’t brush, rinse. Ideally, you should brush your teeth after each meal, which would be about three times a day for most people. However, many of us have busy lives and are constantly on the go, which means you probably don’t get that mid-day brushing session in as recommended. In these instances, at least rinse out your mouth with water after you eat and after consuming any snacks. While this approach shouldn’t replace your regular morning and nightly brushing, at least it will help rinse away any residual bacteria and food particles responsible for tooth decay and gum disease. Also, you could chew on a piece of sugar-free gum that contains Xylitol, which has been proven to reduce bacteria that causes cavities and will help freshen your breath as well.
  5. Dental care is necessary for all ages. Dental care is necessary for patients of all ages, beginning around age one, all the way throughout the rest of your life. It never ends! Just like eating healthy, exercising, and visiting your primary care physician for routine checkups and screenings, your dental care should be looked at with that same perspective. Twice-yearly dental cleanings and checkups are recommended for patients of all ages – you included!

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