TMJ Disorder Treatments

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When the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is misaligned, a patient may experience severe, usually chronic pain, from a condition known as TMJ disorder or TMD. The key focus of neuromuscular dentistry is to relieve or minimize the symptoms of TMJ disorder.

Neuromuscular therapy can help realign the jaw to the correct resting position, ultimately relieving your pain. TMJ disorder can be caused by an injury or blow to the face, head, or neck, which causes the temporomandibular joint to become misaligned. Also, grinding one’s teeth, specifically while sleeping, can be a direct result of TMJ disorder. It’s not uncommon for patients to unknowingly clench or grind their teeth during the day due to stress. In instances where a patient has experienced dislocation of the jaw joint or arthritis of the jaw joint, may also experience TMJ disorder.

What Are The Symptoms Of TMD/TMJ Disorder?TMJ Disorder Treatments Poway and San Diego, CA

  • headaches & migraines
  • jaw pain 
  • head, face  neck and shoulder pain
  • clicking or popping sounds with movement of the jaw
  • lockjaw 
  • limited range of motion when opening and closing the mouth
  • uneven bite 
  • difficulty chewing 
  • ringing sounds in the ear (tinnitus) 

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What Are The Treatments For TMJ Disorder?

Treatment for TMJ disorder is patient specific and will depend on the severity of each case. We specialize in treating TMJ disorder using a neuromuscular dentistry approach. In other words, we treat not only your symptoms but the actual cause of your TMJ. The first step we will take in the treatment of TMJ disorder is to address and alleviate your pain. Then, we can begin working towards correcting what is actually causing your TMJ disorder. For example, if your TMJ disorder is caused by a misaligned bite, we will work towards correcting your bite, bringing your teeth and jaw into proper alignment, which will put an end to your TMJ disorder and symptoms. Keep in mind, each treatment method will vary depending on the patient. Some methods of treatment, we may use are medications, custom-fit appliances, orthodontics, custom-fit orthotic mouthpieces, or dental restorations. The most effective method will be chosen, based on your individual need. The cost of treatment will also vary, depending on what methods are used. During your initial consultation, we will determine a treatment plan that fits your needs, including alleviating your pain. We will ensure you are aware of the costs involved for your specific treatment. For your convenience, we offer a variety of financing options.

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