Tooth Colored Fillings

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Tooth colored fillings are known to be safer, more aesthetically pleasing and are an ideal alternative to the traditional, metal amalgam fillings. When filling a tooth with tooth colored fillings, we are careful to match the filling with the shade of your natural teeth, which means the fillings are not noticeable.

Tooth colored fillings are more beneficial than metal amalgam fillings for many reasons. First, they are more effective at preserving the remaining portion of your tooth.

Metal fillings tend to expand and contract as the temperature in our mouth fluctuates when eating or drinking hot and cold substances. Metal amalgam fillings are also not bonded to the tooth, which means over time these traditional fillings may cause the tooth to fracture, resulting in more costly dental repairs. In contrast, tooth colored fillings are made from a composite resin material that won’t change size or shape when exposed to varying degrees of temperature changes in the mouth. Tooth-colored fillings are also bonded to the tooth, which help the existing tooth structure become less likely to fracture while withstanding moderate chewing pressure.

What exactly are tooth-colored fillings and how are they used?

Tooth colored fillings consist of a filler, a mix between glass or quartz, and a resin medium, which provides strong and natural looking tooth restorations.

We use tooth colored fillings in teeth with minimal decay. We first remove any decay that is present in the tooth, clean the tooth and apply a special adhesive that allows the material to bond to the tooth and remain permanently in place. Then, the resin is placed on the tooth, replacing the portion that was removed, restoring your tooth back to its natural look, feel, and functionality. A light is used to set the resin and ensure it has hardened. Once the procedure is complete, you are able to eat, drink, or chew immediately after the procedure.

Can I have my old metal amalgam fillings replaced with tooth colored fillings?

Yes, metal amalgam fillings (sometimes called silver or mercury fillings) can be easily removed and replaced with longer lasting tooth-colored fillings. Once we remove the metal amalgam filling, we inspect the tooth for any damage that may result in further treatment beyond just a tooth-colored filling. If we find that your tooth needs treatment other than replacing the filling, we will discuss this with you at your visit. However, once the metal amalgam filling has been removed, and the remaining tooth structure is found to be sound, we will complete the procedure by placing the tooth colored filling. In the end, you will be pleased with your results, not having to worry about discolored teeth as you smile and laugh again.

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