Why Choose a Neuromuscular Dentist?

Poway and Rancho Bernardo, CA

A Neuromuscular Dentist understands the complex relationship between the jaw joints, the bite, the muscles and the nerves and can help you achieve the body’s harmony again to find relief for your pain.

As a Neuromuscular Dentist, Dr. Cook can find out if your pain symptoms are caused by a misalignment or dysfunction of your TMJ joints (Temporo-Mandibular Joint or Jaw Joint).

Patients may believe any dentist will do as long as their primary concerns why choose a neuromuscular dentistare addressed, and they stay out of pain. However, that’s not always the case. The mouth, jaw, head, and neck are interconnected in such a way that often times treating only the symptoms is like putting a Band-Aid over the real concern. That’s why, choosing a dentist that specializes in neuromuscular dentistry will help assure the main cause of your pain and dental issues are also addressed.

Neuromuscular dentistry is an approach that considers the entire mouth, head, and neck, as well as your complete health history as part of your treatment. More specifically, the bone, muscles, and nerves of the entire head are taken into account when treating patients. Understanding these aspects allows your dentist to effectively treat your dental issues. You may wonder how neck pain has anything to do with your mouth and your dentist. The fact is how our body connects and sends signals throughout the nervous system directly relates to treatment by a neuromuscular dentist. One of the major nerves inside the jawbone is the trigeminal nerve, which directly connects to the spinal cord and sends signals to the brain. Even something as simple as a misaligned jaw could be causing the trigeminal nerve to be compromised, sending pain signals into your head and down into your neck or spine, resulting in neck or back pain. A neuromuscular dentist will ensure all aspects of your health are considered when treating your pain or dental concerns.

What’s the big deal about seeing a neuromuscular dentist?

The truth is your health. Effectively treating your dental issues not only helps improve your oral health, but also your overall general health. When issues in our mouth and jaw go untreated, eventually our body may begin to suffer in multiple ways, including but not limited to, chronic pain, high blood pressure, stroke, and sleep disorders, eventually interfering with our lives. Most people may not be aware of the link between oral health and overall health, but we do. That’s why we treat our patients using the principles of neuromuscular dentistry.

There are many overall health concerns and dental issues that are linked to a misaligned jaw. In neuromuscular dentistry our focus it to not only alleviate your pain, but correct the source of the problem. A jaw can become misaligned due to injury, one’s anatomy, existing tooth structure, or even stress. Ensuring proper alignment of the jaw will reduce your pain, plus put you on the road to better oral and overall health.

If your current dentist does not implement principles of neuromuscular dentistry in your treatment and you’re still in pain, it may be time to find a different dentist that can meet all your needs.

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