Why Root Canals aren’t as Scary as they Seem

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Most of the time, when someone mentions a root canal, you get a response of fear or dread. A root canal can seem scary and unfortunately has earned a negative reputation. However, when you compare the difference between intense pains of an infected tooth verses a relatively painless procedure that could potentially save your tooth and stop the pain, the choice to proceed with a root canal is simple. Your dentist in Rancho Bernardo, Dr. Nicol Cook, understands that fear can play a part in wanting to avoid a root canal. Therefore, in today’s blog, we hope to ease your mind when it comes to this procedure as we uncover why root canals aren’t as scary as they seem.

What is a root canal?

When a tooth’s pulp, nerves, and blood supply are inflamed and infected, root canal therapy is needed to remove the infected tissue. Once the pulp is removed, and the canals are cleaned and disinfected, a filling will be used to strengthen the root of the tooth. This filling seals off the root’s canals, bacteria should no longer enter the same area again. Finally, a temporary filling will be placed in your tooth to seal it until a dental crown is placed.

Why do I need a crown if there is already a filling in place?

A tooth that has undergone root canal therapy is weak and brittle. Even with the support of the filling, your tooth could break, creating even more problems. When the tooth’s pulp has been removed, it is no longer “alive” since it ceases to receive blood supply. Therefore, a dental crown will be needed to help protect the remaining part of your tooth, provide stability, and restore function.

What is it like to get a root canal?

A root canal is kind of like getting a deep filling in your tooth. It should never be painful. The tooth is numbed, so there should not be any discomfort during the procedure. With the understanding of dental fears and working with patients with varying pain tolerance levels, your root canal dentist in Poway offers sedation dentistry to help with your dental anxiety. From light sedation where you feel a little loopy to conscious oral sedation where you are in a sleep-like state during the procedure, Dr. Cook wants to help you feel comfortable during the procedure.

What if I think I don’t need a root canal?

There is a possibility that the tooth could be dead, even without any pain being present. A tooth could “die” from an injury, resulting in the tooth becoming gray. If your root canal dentist in Rancho Bernardo uncovers an infection or unhealthy tooth during your examination, further treatment options will be discussed. If you decide not to treat the tooth, an extraction might be your best option.

Root Canal Therapy in Poway or Rancho Bernardo

Although a root canal can seem scary, advancements in patient care and treatment options in dentistry help reduce dental anxiety. If you have been putting off a root canal because of fear or anxiety, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Nicol Cook to discuss your root canal treatment and how sedation dentistry in Poway can help you reach your oral health goals. Feel free to call our office at (858) 673-0141 or request an appointment.

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